Hi! I'm Rachel McCormack, welcome to my blog!

This is where I share my love of quilting. You'll find works in progress, finished quilts, pillows and other sewing projects. I also love to share what I learn along the way. Mostly I'm drawn to scrappy quilts in a modern traditional style. Right now I'm on a quest to make all the quilts in my favourite quilting book, Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration. I'd love you to follow along or join me on my journey, here or #quiltthebook on Instagram.

I live in a small New Zealand city and I'm mum to three children. I started quilting over ten years ago when my children were babies. It started out as an interest. Now my sewing machine sits permanently on our dining table and my cutting mat is almost always on our kitchen bench.

When I first started sharing my work online, I needed a name... I came up with 'wooden spoon'. I love that it's an old fashioned, functional utensil that my grandmother used in her kitchen and I use almost daily in mine. I can remember standing on a stool at grandma's stove, learning how to stir the pot of porridge with the wooden spoon. Grandma was a quilter too and I'm sure she would've loved to know how much I enjoy quilting now.
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