Friday, 31 July 2015

Quilt the Book: Wagon Wheel Quilt finish!

I'm so happy to show you a finished quilt! My Wagon Wheel quilt came back from the long-armer last week, Sue did a beautiful job on the figure eight quilting. It's the first time I've had a computerised quilting design done on a quilt and I love it to pieces.

A little trimming and binding later...

...I had a finished quilt. My plan was to take the quilt somewhere different (but as yet undecided) to photograph it but this afternoon I noticed that the backyard soccer goal was perfectly positioned in the sun. Unfortunately the goal is not quite tall enough for the quilt so it's hard to see one of my favourite details.. the additional sashing strip that runs along the bottom of the quilt. I love the quirkiness of that strip.

And just for fun, a wide shot. You can see that there was only a sliver of non-shady sun. I put a blanket under the quilt where it touched the ground as the grass was wet and muddy. The joy of quilt photography in winter!
With just a few minutes left before school pick up, I whipped the quilt back inside and onto my son's bed, moved all the mess into a corner and shot a few more photos...

This is the second finished quilt from my Quilt the Book project, I'm making all the quilts in the book Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration. I can't wait to get a big pile of quilts! It's also the first finish from my third quarter goals, I'll be linking up with the finish along at the end of this quarter.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
Quilt Details;

Previous posts: here and here
Pattern: Wagon Wheel by Denyse Schmidt, from 'Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration"
Fabric: Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery (except for the axle centre which is a Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen)
Size: 64 1/2" by 88 1/2"
Quilting design: figure 8
Quilted by: Sue Burnett from Busy Bee Quilt Shop
Quilt the Book: second finish.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

WIP Wednesday

The winter school holidays ended up being a sew-free two weeks. I hadn't intended to take time out from sewing but it turned out to be a welcome break. So welcome in fact that even though the kids went back to school on Monday, I still haven't done any sewing. I have been playing with fabric though, I made this pile for a new quilt I'm planning. I'm not sure if I'll use these prints or break with tradition and use solids...

Last week this absolutely adorable purse arrived in the mail from my friend Melissa (Clothwork on Instagram). Melissa also sent a pile of beautiful Maze and Vale prints which I've fallen completely in love with (I'm planning on using them in the quilt above).

And... today my Wagon Wheel quilt arrived back from the long armer. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with that figure eight quilting. I'll be getting this bound ASAP! It could be just the quick finish I need to get sewing again!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Finish Along 2015: Third Quarter Goals

Last quarter I finished two of the nine items on my list of goals. Not exactly inspiring numbers but I finished several other projects that weren't on my official list and I certainly did a lot of sewing. The two items from my list that I finished were my 2015 Pantone Challenge Marsala Quilt (I won second place in the quilt category so I'm thrilled about that) and the birthday club item for my friend Rachael. So while I'm not exactly racing through my goals, I am finding that these lists keep me focussed. Especially when one project comes to a halt and it would be so easy to start on something new, this list reminds me that I don't need to do that!

Here're the projects I plan to work on this quarter..

1. Wagon Wheel Quilt
Hello Bear Challenge

My Wagon Wheel quilt is due back from the long armer any day now. I plan to get the binding on and have it finished very soon. This is quilt two in my Quilt the Book project.

2. Pack Patch Mini

The more hand quilting I do on this quilt the more I decide it needs, it's turning into the never ending project! I'm really enjoying practicing my hand quilting though.

3. Birthday Club Swap
Deb's birthday falls in this quarter so I'll be making something for her. Maybe something from 'handmade Style' by Anna Graham (I'm pretty sure Deb won't be reading this).

4. Ocean Waves Quilt

I've almost finished making blocks for this quilt, I'm waiting on my bee blocks to arrive then I can start sewing them all together. This is quilt three in my Quilt the Book project.

5. Floral Applique Quilt

This quilt is on the list because I'll be working on it this quarter but I'm expecting it to be a slow burner, it's unlikely that it will be finished in the next three months. This is quilt four in my Quilt the Book project.

6. Private swap with Aylin
I made a start on a tote bag for Aylin last quarter and would dearly love to finish it this quarter.

7. Sew Together Bag for mum
Playing with fabric

I've been working on the theory that mum won't mind waiting but it's getting ridiculous, I need to get this made!

8. Pillows for my sister

See 7 (replace 'mum' with 'my sister')!

9. Swedish Bloom quilt
Swedish Bloom quilt top in progress

This quilt has been on every list this year, I'd like to make some progress on it, but it's fallen into the non-urgent pile so don't be surprised if it's back on List Four!

10. Quilt the Book

Quilt the Book has stolen my quilting mojo! I'm having such a great time plotting to make all the quilts from 'Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration' that I could happily work on nothing else. There will definitely be progress on this project. I haven't decided which quilt I'll start next, maybe the Snake Trail quilt...

Have you made your list? Do you find them useful?

Linking up with Adrianne over at On the Windy Side.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Friday, 10 July 2015

Lizzy House Down Under Meadow Tour

Registrations are open for Lizzy Houses's Down Under Meadow Tour! I could not be more excited! I was so disappointed when I missed out on Lizzy's Meadow Class at Quiltcon, I can hardly believe that she's coming to New Zealand! If you're interested in taking a workshop while she's visiting Down Under make sure you hurry over to Adrianne's blog for more details.

The New Zealand class may not be until October but I've already made a bag to carry my fabric. It helped that a while back I did some pattern testing for Svetlana from Sotak Handmade (pattern testing is always a good way for me to actually finish something!!). The pattern was the Ella Bucket Bag. I had started choosing fabrics when I realised that it would be the perfect bag to take to the Meadow class so from that point on I gave myself permission to use some of my treasured Lizzy House fabric, even the pocket linings got the Lizzy House treatment. This is an in progress photo of the lining...

The main panels are a Robert Kaufman quilter's linen in denim, everything else is from Lizzy House. Hidden under those butterflies is the exterior pocket with a zipper closure.

It turns out it's the perfect size for my Lizzy House stash! With a little spare room for the additions I've made to my stash since this photo was taken.

I love my new bag and can not wait to take it to the Meadow workshop!
Have you signed up?

Lizzy House Meadow Down Under Tour

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In Print

I'm making my first appearance in print. Eek!! You can find me in issue 6 of Make Modern Magazine which is out today. Make Modern is an e-zine put together by three talented Aussie girls, Kristy, Jane and Lara (these girls are so great to work with, they made my first publishing experience a breeze!). In this issue of the magazine, I have a quilt pattern and a 'meet the blogger' article.

Here're a few photos of the quilt I designed for Issue 6...

I've been a little obsessed with drunkard's path blocks lately so I couldn't help using them in my quilt.  Choosing fabrics wasn't quite so easy and I played around for a while before deciding to use some precious scraps from my Heather Ross stash (Briar Rose and Far, Far Away 2). I love how the space around each piece means that the HR fabrics can shine. This is the first time I've done cross hatch quilting on something larger than a pillow. I was channelling Rita from Red Pepper Quilts as I quilted each line, her lines are always so perfectly straight! I used my 24"x6" ruler to work out where the lines needed to go, then I used painter's tape to mark each line before quilting with my walking foot. It was time consuming but so worth it! It's also the first time I've done curved corners and bias binding on a quilt, oh boy, I love how that looks, I'll definitely be doing that again.

Pop over to the Make Modern Shop to pick up Issue 6, which comes with a free copy of their special edition magazine, Make Modern Covers + Others.
Today is also Make Modern's first birthday and, if you hurry, you can use the code 'MMbday1' to grab Issue 1 of their magazine for FREE (code valid for 24 hours).
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